Monday, February 23, 2009

Congratulations Jacie!

This is a non-curriculum example of using the mobile device in an academic setting. Seton Hall values what is referred to at our school as "servant leadership". This is leadership in service to the broader community. As part of this focus, each year the University selects the students who best embody the spirit of servant leadership and present them with an award. This year, one of our Environmental Studies majors received the 2009 Student Servant Leader Award. Unfortunately, Jacie is not from New Jersey and therefore her family was unable to attend the ceremony. Using the Nokia N95 and the Flixwagon application, I was able to live stream the presentation of the award to Jacie for her family to view online. The video is also archived online and can be embeded in the format below on any webpage.

This is a good example of how mobile devices can provide benefits in higher education, by providing a simple and instantaneous connection between students and their family members. Creating a stronger bond between the University and the broader Seton Hall family.


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